Even though it is not very frequent, have you heard about bladder cancer? It starts in the bladder's internal bladder cells. This cancer kind is typically found in its earliest stages. Urothelial cells are the type of cells where it can occur. They can be detected in the kidney and ureter tubes. Although it can also occur in the ureters and kidneys, it typically occurs in the bladder. People can easily receive bladder cancer therapy from Best Urology Doctor In Ahmedabad at Sharvari Hospital, Best Urology Hospital In Ahmedabad thanks to early detection.

The best Urologist Surgeon in Ahmedabad Dr Kunal Aterkar is the most prominent specialist for bladder cancer. Dr Kunal Aterkar specializes in managing bladder cancer, a condition that can cause cancerous cells to form in the bladder and surrounding tissues. The doctor also manages various treatments that are available for bladder cancer.

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Best Urologist Surgeon In Ahmedabad has listed the following indications and symptoms:

1.    Frequently urinating
2.    Urine with blood in it
3.    Lower back pain
4.    Frequently urinating

If you experience any or all of these symptoms visit Sharvari Hospital. It is Dr Kunal Aterkar's Hospital that is considered the Best Urologist Hospital In Ahmedabad, offers expert urologists, and cancer experts and is a leading referral hospital in Ahmedabad. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and services, including the latest medical equipment. 

Causes of Bladder Cancer

There are various causes, including

Age: As you get older, your chances of being diagnosed with bladder cancer increase. Even though this health problem can occur at any age, most cases of diagnosis occur in patients over the age of 55.

Smoking: Due to the dangerous compounds in cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, smoking can also raise your risk of developing bladder cancer. The hazardous substances that you eat after smoking are processed by the body.

Gender: Compared to women, men are more susceptible to bladder cancer.

Bladder Inflammation: Recurrent or ongoing infections or inflammations of the urinary tract can result in bladder cancer.

Previous Malignancy Treatment: The chance of developing this cancer is significant if you have previously received cancer treatment. Radiation treatment patients are more susceptible. For all your concerns regarding bladder cancer, visit Dr Kunal Aterkar. Dr Kunal Aterkar gives his services at Best Urology Hospital in Ahmedabad


Even so, no assurance quitting smoking or maintaining a healthy diet would prevent cancer from being found in your body. However, you should keep a balanced diet and avoid chemicals if you want to stop it. Additionally, if necessary, you can go to Dr Kunal Aterkar Best Urology Doctor In Ahmedabad, at the Best Urologist Hospital In Ahmedabad for early diagnosis and care of bladder cancer.