Dr Kunal Aterkar is an eminent Urologist, Andrologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad And Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He has done Mch (Urology) from prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Mumbai.

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To treat kidney tumors, cysts, and kidney mass, there is a kidney robotic surgery that is conducted by a surgeon and that process is called a partial nephrectomy. Robot-assisted kidney surgery is an invasive procedure that helps to repair kidney tissue and allows the removal of various keyhole-sized incisions.

With the assistance and guidance of Dr. Kunal Aterkar, the procedure of partial nephrectomy is performed without any risk. His knowledge as a Robotic Kidney Surgeon in Ahmedabad makes him the best surgeon at Apollo Hospitals. With the help of expert team members, he has successfully treated urological patients from all over the world. He performs removal of kidney stone surgeries at affordable rates and is known to be the best Robotic Kidney Stone Surgeon in Ahmedabad.

How is a Robotic Kidney Surgery performed?

A robot-assisted kidney surgery helps in the reconstruction or removal of the kidney using modern techniques and innovative solutions. During the process of treating the kidney tissue, the specialized urologist examines the problem using a magnified glass and then cuts away the affected portion of the kidney which may be cancerous. Later, the tumor is removed and placed into a plastic bag through smaller incisions. A robot-assisted technique results in less blood loss and repairs the delicate vessels faster. Performing a kidney robotic surgery usually decreases the risk of kidney failure and plays an important role as a ‘reserve kidney’ for damaged kidneys.

Advantages of a Robotic Kidney Surgery

It is beneficial for people suffering from diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Though there are other advantages such as-

  • Performing a partial robotic surgery treats kidney cancer more precisely and reduces the risk of leaving a part of a tumor inside the body.
  • Improves the chances of survival and makes the kidney tissue healthier.
  • Performing partial nephrectomy results in less blood loss and is less painful.
  • It helps to perform kidney surgery faster than traditional surgery methods.
  • It involves the usage of smaller incisions and tools as compared to open surgery methods and results in fast recovery.

Why choose Dr. Kunal Aterkar?

A robot-assisted kidney surgery requires specific expertise and for that, you must consult the best Robotic Kidney Surgeon in Ahmedabad. His inexpensive procedural costs and highly innovative techniques will help you recover faster and would result in a short hospital stay.

Book an appointment with Dr. Kunal Aterkar, the best Robotic Kidney Stone Surgeon in Ahmedabad.


1 Who is the best Robotic Kidney Surgeon in Ahmedabad?

Consult Dr. Kunal Aterkar, he is a Senior Consultant with Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad and a well-known specialist in performing kidney robotic surgery.

2 Why is Partial Nephrectomy better than Open Surgery?

Partial Nephrectomy is a fast, less painful process that results in less blood loss. It is a robot-assisted technique used to treat kidney cancer more precisely than open surgery.

3What are the symptoms that force us to get a Partial Nephrectomy done?

If the urine flow includes blood and has a bad smell; or if you feel the pain while urinating and there is a pain in your lower back.