Dr Kunal Aterkar is an eminent Urologist, Andrologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad And Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He has done Mch (Urology) from prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Medical College, Mumbai.

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Bladder Cancer: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Even though it is not very frequent, have you heard about bladder cancer? It starts in the bladder's internal bladder cells. This cancer kind is typically found in its earliest stages. Urothelial cells are the type of cells where it can occur....

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Types of Urology Cancers

What are cancers of the urology?

Fast and aberrant cell development leads to cancer. The male reproductive system and female urinary system organs and systems are all impacted by urologic malignancies. These cancers are rather prevalen...

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Urologist in Ahmedabad
Urologist in Ahmedabad

Urologists are physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating urological diseases. They can treat a variety of diseases, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and kidney failure.

Dr Kunal Aterkar is an...

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