Ssshh! Have you always felt the right way to deal with your urological condition is to stay quiet and ignore and with time, the pain or discomfort will settle? If so, let us inform you that if you continue doing this, your situation may worsen and cause severe ailments. We know the correct way to address pain and discomfort in any part of the body is to seek a thorough consultation from a reliable and professional doctor. Then why is there so much hesitance and embarrassment to discuss the issues related to your kidney or urine? In ancient times, doctors would examine patients' urine to gauge their illnesses. But today, medical practices have advanced, and with a medical diagnosis of the best urologist in Ahmedabad, you can easily know the root cause of your infection or health condition.

Urology is a medical practice or speciality that focuses on the medical condition related to the urinary tract and the surrounding organs, including the kidney, bladder, prostate, ureter and urethra for both men and women. A urologist is a skilled, qualified and experienced medical practitioner who specialises in diagnosing and treating all diseases related to the urinary system. If needed, a urologist is also adept at performing surgeries to ensure a pain-free, healthy and safe urinary system for their patients.

There is often a misconception that urologists can only address men's urinary ailments. But such is not the situation. Every urologist is qualified to cure all the concerns related to the reproductive system of both males and females. Dr Kunal Aterkar is one of the leading and top urologists in Ahmedabad who offers dependable medical facilities and services.

Thus, visiting a urologist is better than continuing to live in distress. The following are the symptoms or injections that suggest you need to meet a urologist at the earliest. 

Reasons to Visit an Urologist

    1. Urinary Incontinence: Urinary Incontinence (UI) or bladder control issue is a common problem with men and women and has no connection with age. The severity of UI depends from person to person and is one of the top reasons you need to urgently visit the best urologist in Ahmedabad. In urinary incontinence, some may leak a little while others may lose their bladder control and cannot reach the restroom in time. This disease usually occurs when the muscles surrounding the bladder become weak. Incontinence can be of various types, such as:
    • Stress Incontinence: One can experience a leak or difficulty in controlling urine while exercising, coughing or laughing.
    • Overflow Incontinence: Even after using the restroom, urine leaks because the bladder is not completely empty.
    • Overactive UI: When one experiences a frequent urge to pee, even when the bladder is not full.
    • Mixed Incontinence: This is a condition when two of the above situations are combined.

    2. Urinary Tract Infection: Urinary Tract Infection is when bacteria enters the urinary tract. This is a common problem with women, but at times men can also face UTI. The symptoms of UTI include pain or burning sensation while urinating, blood in the urine or cloudy urine. Some people may even experience difficulty in starting or maintaining a urine stream.

    3. Prostate: The Prostate is a small reproductive organ present in men that aids in the production of semen. Men may get infected with Prostatitis, which is an infection in the prostate gland. This infection may give rise to fever, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back or a burning sensation in urination. Another problem related to the prostate, which an experienced and top urologist in Ahmedabad can help with, is prostate enlargement. In this particular condition, a patient will feel the urge to visit the washroom frequently without the feeling of the complete evacuation of the bladder. Enlargement of the prostate must not be ignored. Medicines can help with this problem, but Dr Kunal Aterkar is a laser urology specialist in Ahmedabad who can provide quick relief with surgery.  

    4. Other Aliments: Although patients consult a urologist majorly for their concerns related to the bladder and prostate, a urologist can address many other problems such as Kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, penile or testicular abnormalities, cancer in the kidney, bladder, prostate or urethra, prolonged and painful bladder pain and pain in the lower back, lower abdomen or groin area.

Experiencing Discomfort? You Need Dr Kunal Aterkar’s Consultation!

Dr Kunal Aterkar is a professional and the best laser urology specialist in Ahmedabad. He has impressive years of experience treating patients from across India in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Whether you are facing trouble with your urinary tract or the male reproductive system, he has a medical solution for you. You can rely on his experience and good diagnosis with precision. He is a renowned and the best urologist in Ahmedabad with a successful patient history!

So without delay, get your health in place with the top urologist in Ahmedabad. Book your consultation today!